Acura & Honda Cars

The Acura was the first Japanese attempt at penetrating the luxury car market. This line was introduced to North America in 1986 and slowly spread throughout the rest of the industrialized world. Acura saw great success after its launch and became one of the best selling luxury units in America. After a downward demand trend in the 90’s the Acura was completely redesigned and new models were introduced, which resulted in surging demand in the early 2000’s.

Differentiating between these two car types can be ambiguous due to the fact that the same company owns them. However, closer inspection will reveal the real trade offs.

Differentiating Factors

For our purposes we will compare the Honda Civic LX Sedan to the Acura ILX. This will give you a better understanding of what sets these brands apart.

The Honda Civic LX comes standard with a 1.8-liter 143hp engine, and has a 5 speed manual option. This base package is priced at an extremely competitive $19,190. However, at this price there are almost no mentionable features other than what is expected of a vehicle. In essence, this car is every minimalist’s dream, and will provide the driver with all necessary functional capabilities. The next step up is the EX model, which will include some creature comforts like an upgraded speaker system, a smart entry system, and automatic climate control. These add-ons, as well as a few others, will price the vehicle around $21,000.

The Acura ILX comes standard with a 2.0-liter 150hp automatic engine, or a 2.4-liter 201hp manual. You can already see the difference in power, and, although this is not entirely impressive compared to other luxury models, the ILX offers a very smooth ride. In addition to the different engine, the suspension separates these vehicles even more. While the Civic comes with a standard MacPherson strut front suspension, the ILX utilizes a sophisticated 4 wheel independent suspension system. This provides a notably smoother ride than the Civic and is a point of pride within the Acura brand. However, this quality is reflected in the starting price of $26,900.

This price gap is larger than the typical gap between the luxury models and their standard counterparts, and should be of greater help in the decision making process. Due to the “drive” being such a selling point of the Acura, it is best that the buyer test-drive both vehicles in order to make accurate comparisons.

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Honda New Sports Car S660 coming soon

Light sports car Honda , S660 appeared also in 2015 .

The Honda , there was a light sports car that beat once ,
It will be positioned as the successor car beat substantially .
This time, we will deliver the latest information of S660 to be worried about .

S660 is , at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of last year
Prototype model has been exhibited . The image is here .

LED surrounding the headlights it is like X mark .
I think a good brackets fine.

By becoming originally , the electric car ? Although we have said , such as ,
It appeared in the 660cc turbo engine in the end .
It is the same engine as the one that is currently mounted in the N-WGN like .

And 6-speed MT, transmission , going to be a CVT with paddle shift .

Speaking rival of this car , frankly , would Daihatsu Copen .
Also here , a body that can dress-up at the Tokyo Motor Show became a hot topic ,
And it is with release scheduled for this year .

Fuel efficiency , but was 17km / L about beat former ,
In S660, it seems to have grown 10km / L or more .

In addition, the price is likely to be about the same as the new Copen , to ¥ 1,800,000 ~ .

It becomes about one year be delayed from Copen ,
Boom is likely to return to light sports car test drive .

Nissan Eserea & Tiana

Premium compact car Nissan , Eserea is , seems to be new also released in autumn this year .

Eserea was based on the platform of the Mercedes -Benz A- Class ,
While it is positioned as a premium compact car for Infiniti brand ,
In Japan , it will be released as a premium compact Nissan brand .
Features include large front glass that continues until the roof ( panoramic roof )
Size of the field of view is adopted , continue to overhead is a feature .

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When this car , were on display at the Motor Show ,
Although it was a double doors of the center pillar -less ,
It’s the place to be worried about what will happen when it is commercially available .

Size , full width 1850 × Height 1440mm 4460 × total length ,
Power train , is expected to hybrid straight 4,2 L engine is lineup .

It is a price to be worried about , but from the chance of being sold in the Nissan brand in Japan is high,
Share a platform , Mercedes -Benz A- Class ( ¥ 2,840,000 ~)
Do not become cheaper than ? I can guess the .

However , New Skyline Similarly, although sold in the shop of Nissan ,
Give the Infiniti emblem , to go out a premium feel.
Strategy also is considered , it will be the price of the Class A average in that case .

Nissan , the new Teana will be fully remodeled in February next month .

Charm of the new Tiana , three major .
I can be divided design , refresh , to cruise .
Here you’ll roughly , the appeal of these new Teana .

First , design .
Was based on the new Sylphy , front grille three-dimensional ,
Line with the sense of speed is characteristic.
Then , refresh .
Ottoman can relax as living ,
In such as a glass roof to be able to taste a sense of openness , it is space that can refresh the mind and body .

Finally, the cruise .
Powerful feeling of acceleration , such as operability Magareru the corner smooth ,
Run does not cut corners .

Price to be worried about such Tiana ,
2,429,700 yen XE
2,753,100 yen XL
XV has become a 3,045,000 yen .

Further , since the weight and the engine goes straight 4,2.5 L V6, from 2.5L to date ,
Fuel economy is improved, I have realized the 14.4km / L.

The Teana this time , but does not seem to be equipped with the emergency brake ,
Around View Monitor and the moving object detection function ,
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Toyota Altezza

he Toyota Altezza AS 200(Japan only) is a series of entry-level luxury cars / compact executive saloon cars sold by Lexus since 1998 in Japan. The AS 200 was introduced as an entry-level sport model slotted below the ES in the Lexus line-up (and outside of North America, the Lexus GS).Until the introduction of the Lexus brand and the second generation Lexus IS design in 2006. The AS 200 was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate in Japan (the word “Altezza” is Italian for “highness”) The Altezza name is still used to refer to chromed car taillights like those fitted to the first generation models, known as ‘Altezza lights’ or ‘Lexus’ lights.

Produced as a direct competitor to the luxury sport sedans of the leading European luxury marques, the Toyota Altezza and Lexus IS was designed with a greater performance emphasis than typically seen on prior Japanese luxury vehicles. The engineering work was led by Nobuaki Katayama,the AS200 and AS300 Altezza sedans formed the basis for the Lexus IS 200 and IS 300 models sold in markets outside Japan, primarily North America and Europe. A hatchback-station wagon version was sold in Japan as the “Altezza Gita”, and in the US and Europe as the Lexus IS Sport Cross.

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In 2000, a saloon/Estate model, the AS300 (chassis code JCE10), was introduced featuring a 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE inline-six engine. Equipped with Rear- or All-Wheel Drive (JCE10, FR Gita Estate; JCE15, 4WD Gita estate), the AS300 featured a five-speed manual, or five-speed automatic for the FR Gita Estate and a four-speed automatic for the 4WD Gita Estate. The six-cylinder version (2JZ-GE) was only available in Japan.


Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is a super-metro champion. For 2011 the subcompact five-door hatchback offers exceptional space efficiency and fuel economy in an affordable and stylish package. The Fit is one of the most fun small cars in its class to drive. The hatchback has already won a multitude of awards that prove the vehicle’s dominance.


The 2011 Fit offers sleek exterior styling. From the fog lights to its rear roofline spoiler, the Fit has a futuristic and fun look. The interior is equally stylish with its uptown look. The cabin features supportive seats, well-placed easy to read gauges, ambient blue lighting, ten cup holders, an USB audio interface and more. The second-row magic seat allows the cabin to maximize space, revealing a secret box for extra storage. With the seats folded down, the interior offers an ample 57.3 cubic feet of cargo space. The Fit can also be arranged into several different configurations to fit any cargo needs, whether tall, long, or wide.


The Fit’s 117 horsepower 1.5-liter engine provides the necessary power but keeps the car both fuel efficient and low emissions. The fun to drive vehicle is rated an Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle by the California Air Resources Board. Fitted with the automatic transmission, the car gets an impressive 28 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.


Honda is committed to safe vehicles, and the Honda Fit is no exception. The hatchback comes standard with six airbags: front, front side and side curtain. In addition the vehicle features Honda’s ACE body structure which helps keep occupants better protected. Other safety features on the Fit include anti-lock brakes, active front head restraints, and stability and traction control.

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Looking at everything the Honda Fit has to offer, it is easy to see why the vehicle has already won several awards only the a couple months in to 2011. The first award is ALG’s Residual Value Award for the ‘Best Sub Compact Car’. This award proves the Fit retains its value over time, an important aspect drivers should consider when purchasing a new vehicle. With the Honda Fit being so versatile and quality made, the Fit holds its value both new and used. This award goes along with Kelly Blue Book’s award for ‘Best Resale Value Award’ in the sub-compact car category. KBB gives this award to vehicles that have the best resale value after five years of ownership.


The Fit, Honda’s subcompact hatchback offers a lot of great features in a tiny package. The hatchback has already collected numerous awards and accolades and as the year continues it is practically guaranteed to win more.

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Toyota Supra Fun

The Toyota Supra is one of the greatest cars to ever come out of Japan and is internationally recognized as a sports car icon. Produced from 1979 until 2001 in Japan (only produced until 1998 in North America), each generation has remained a choice platform for tuners around the world. Every generation came with a high horse power inline six engine either naturally aspired, turbocharged or twin turbo charged. The Toyota Supras engines include the 5M-GE, 7M-GE, 7M-GTE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE and the notorious 2JZ-GTE. Even today there isn’t a more popular generation, sure everyone wants a MK4 Toyota Supra but the MK2 and MK3 Supras have HUGE followings!
Produced from 1982 until 1986 the second generation Toyota Supra (still known as the Celica Supra) came with a inline six 5M-GE with 175 horsepower. It had a boxy shape, flip up headlights and wide fender flares.
The Mark III Supra was introduced in mid 1986. In the first year it was only available with a 200HP 7M-GE engine. In 1987 the Toyota Supra made a Turbocharged model with a 230HP 7M-GTE, the new model came with turbo badges, R-154 transmission, rear spoiler and other accessories. In 1989 the Supra was semi-updated with a new front bumper, 3 piece tail lights, new trim, 3 piece rear spoiler and other minor accessories. In Japan, 1989 was also the year the Twin Turbo R edition was released, it sported a twin turbo high revving 1JZ-GTE power plant with 280HP. The 1JZ was downgraded to 2.5L which didn’t give it as much torque to power as the 7M did, but its the “smooth power” what won its owners over. Today, the 1JZ is a common swap for MK2 and MK3 Supras alike and are becoming more and more difficult to find a decent imported 1JZ. The MKIII Supra was made from 1986.5 to 1992.
Without a doubt the Mark IV Toyota Supra is one of, if not the car what defines the term “Japanese Sports Car”. It has the looks, control and the POWER. In 1993 the latest model Supra was released and has since been the poster car for the higher class import scene. Its been in countless movies, Its won many drag race series, show series, dyno challenges and has stolen the life out of countless muscle car owners on the highway. There is no denying how potent the 2JZ power plant is with its 320HP stock – remember this was in 1993 when most cars came with not even half of that! The twin turbo’s are usually the first list on the upgrade list for most tuners, there have been plenty of powerful twin turbo supras out there, but the easiest way to make power on the 2JZ is with a huge single turbocharger. Its a fairly simple task to pull out 700+HP on the 2JZ-GTE and there are quite a few Supras over 1000-1500+HP. The MKIV Supra continues to go up in value and many think its not fair, but simply put, its a SUPERCAR and for 30K+ its a steal. The Supra, sadly saw its last day in North America in 1998. To buy Japanese used cars, check the following Japan used cars exporter

World popular Car is Toyota Corolla

Exportation of the Toyota Corolla through Japan on the United States commenced in 03 of 1968. At that time, this stream-lined car ended up being available being a two front door coupe, a new four door four door or an a couple of door lorry. The A single.1 re 4 canister engine together with 4 pace manual indication provided the electricity, at the time, on the smallest vehicle Toyota had actually introduced to the particular American market. Since then, the first simple layout and trustworthy mechanical executive of the Corolla get served because foundation for most future generations with this car which usually went on for being the most popular auto line within automotive historical past. With the exception of your Land Cruiser motorcycle, the Corolla could be the oldest Toyota product still made and developed as of the actual 2007 design year.

The actual Toyota Corolla is the planet’s best-selling car ever before, with more than $ 30 million sold over ten distinctive generations. Even though the car has not been sold in britain since Feb 2007, since it was replaced here through the Auris, it is still sold in international markets. The particular Corolla owes it reputation to the fact that proudly owning one is absolutely painless, or even especially fulfilling. Cheap to purchase and work, the automobiles have always been unfailingly reputable, astonishingly nicely equipped along with supremely functional. However, even if offered inside enthusiast guise, the particular cars possess tended to be certainly not especially well accepted by the click. That has never deterred countless buyers via selecting the Corolla although, because the vehicles have constantly excelled where that matters.

Your Corolla is an accurate mixed handbag of an automobile. On the one hand it really is dull rolling around in its interior as well as exterior style as well as uninteresting (if capable) dynamically. But it’s sensible, reliable, cost-effective and very simple to live with * and that a single latter level is enough to golf swing it for many individuals. Around $ 30 million of them the truth is. Which only goes to show that will to build an effective car, you should not create one thing with virtually any particular style.

No auto has actually sold in higher quantities as opposed to Toyota Corolla, and while like there were 9 different years sold in great britain before it was replaced by the Auris inside 2007, it is usually because the Corolla offers always got much to supply. However, in spite of being one of many easiest autos to own, the actual Corolla is far coming from perfect; these kinds of unfailing reliability will come at a price.

Precisely describing the particular Corolla using solely positive conditions is not easy; this is absolutely a vehicle which has been designed as a possible appliance in lieu of as one thing to stimulate the sensory faculties. Face removed cars (post-June 04) are a tad less boring and a much more modern as compared to earlier versions, but there’s not much inside.

You’d believe a 1.4-liter turbo diesel engine would be too weedy to allow a comparatively large automobile like the Corolla to complete with just about any alacrity. However, using 89bhp on touch and a helpful 140lb ft involving torque, you can create decent development with the D-4D : things are assisted enormously through the more capable handling how the car loves over the predecessors. The particular car’s leading speed is actually 112mph while the 0-60mph time will be 13.Three or more seconds.


Dec Late 2001: The new, ninth-generation Corolla hatch-out and Corolla Verso (est) went on selling. There was either 1.Some, 1.Half a dozen or One.8-litre petrol applications along with an A couple of.0-litre turbo diesel product.
Sep 2002: A new saloon was released, but handful of were purchased in the UK.
Jun 2008: A deal with lifted Corolla has been now available, having a revised nasal area and pursue plus much better equipment amounts. At the same time, your 1.Four D-4D replaced the first sort 2.Zero D-4D turbo diesel.
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Subaru Levorg impression

Subaru Levorg impression

25 years after the founder “Legacy” is put on the market
Subaru “Levorg ” of the rumor that Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) developed having risked the future of the company was test-ridden.
The trial ride hall is Twinring MOTEGI.
Since sale is a schedule in April, it is a trial ride by a prototype vehicle this time.
That is, although it is not still final specification, probably, it is considerable 自信作 to hold a test-ride event at this time, and to pick us up.
The prototype vehicle of Levorg was test-ridden by Twinring MOTEGI.
New model Levorg is developed as sport which united the Legacy touring wagon with WRX STI (sports car).
Comfortable nature and space utility which a sports car has, to operate and which are enjoyed and the wagon has.
Furthermore, safety and environmental performance.
It appeared as a model which fills these with a high dimension.
Furthermore, also from having enlarged every year, in response to the fact that Legacy is popular overseas, the necessity which carries out just fit of developing what is called a downsizing model was in Japan.
Therefore, Levorg has the circumstances developed as a model only for domestic at the beginning.
Dimensions are 4690 mm in full length, 1780 mm in full width, and size exactly good for a Japanese market.
This had short full length 100 mm as compared with present type Legacy, and, as for it, the wheel base was shortened.
That is, Levorg is 2650 mm to 2750 mm of wheel bases of present type Legacy.
From this, it can expect kinematic performance and that the agility of a cornering is especially improving.
moreover, vehicle height — 70 mm — low — wide & — the low image is given.
It is divided from Impreza that it is a base, and since it is WRX which appeared as an independent vehicle type, the run is just surely going to worry it.
Levorg  whose interior textures improved
Then, I will start with the trial ride of 1.6GT Eye Sigh first.
A 1.6-l. engine is a turboengine which exclusive development was carried out this time for levorg, and also investigated the environmental performance.
250-Nm maximum torque is generated from the low rotation region of 1800 rpm in a byway turbine.
The maximum outputs are 125 kW (170 PS) / 4800-5600rpm.
JC08 mode fuel consumption is also the model which investigated 17.4 km/L and fuel consumption.
And this engine corresponds to regular gasoline.

Transmission is linear  (CVT) and has two kinds of drive modes, sportier S mode and fuel consumption-oriented I mode.
First of all, a shift selector is put into D range, and it begins to run.
A motion is light when an accelerator is broken in.
There is also no pain and it accelerates with Sour Sour.
Smooth moreover, it is forcible acceleration to 100 km/h then.
Since the 250-Nm maximum torque which occurs from 1800 rpm is a flat torque characteristic which continues to 4800 rpm, accelerator operation is easy to improve a response.
Although a feeling of power becomes blunt a little from the level over 5000 rpm, it is an engine which there is no friction and is easy to treat to 6000 rpm of a top end.
The impression of fuel consumption specification is seldom felt by regular gasoline.
Indoor silence is very high even if it is gathering the speed of this level.
Having deleted firmly junior-and-senior-high-schools cycle sound, the level of the German car which can be said also as a rival is reached.
This is further pulling up interior textures.

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Compact & Eco-fuel efficieny Car Honda Insght Hibyrid !!

High technology made the most fuel efficient gasoline motored car “Honda Insght”

The insight of a personal hybrid car in which Honda realized the fuel consumption performance of world’s best standards, and the pleasure which runs.
Since it says that the long body of the airforec characteristic is advantageous, a long tail consists of roofs gently-sloping toward back.
Cd (air resistance coefficient) attains 0.25.
It equipped with undercover one which newly aimed at improvement in airforce this time.
And it can come and is raising fuel consumption from 35.0 km/L of until to 36.0 km/L.
This body made in the size settled in five numbers is arranged 2 Sita.
Monocoque is formed by an aluminum constructional material and the body panel of aluminum and resin is used.
As for an engine, 3 cylinders of series with VTEC of 1 cam 4 70-H.P. valve are 1L, and a 10kW (5MT)/9.2 kW (CVT) brushless motor is attached to this as auxiliary power.
At the time of acceleration, at the time of an engine + motor and a cruise, a driving-modes setup serves as an engine stop, if only an engine is possible for the time of a slowdown at the time of a regenerating brake and a stop.
It equips with the high immobilizer of an electric wave type keyless entry system (/tail gate linkage with an answerback function), or the theft prevention effect.
It equips with a dual air bag, ABS, brake assistance, and a seat belt with a load limiting device & pretensioner as standard as protective gear.
The toxic substance in emission gas, NMHC (nonmethane hydrocarbon), NOx (nitrogen oxide), and CO (carbon monoxide) are reduced, respectively, and it conforms also to the newly enforced Heisei 17 emission-gas regulation.

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Fun for city driving with Toyota Harrier.

Fun for city driving and rough road with your Toyota Harrier.
If you drive through the city and sometime going rough road such as sandy , snowing hills or through  a  lot of pot holes,
Just think high-grand clearance vehicle and stylish vehicle for your fun driving.
Some decades ago,  There were only off road 4WDs in the category which is purpose of really rough road such as off road driving.
Even if is off road driving, You can still move around through the city.. But, It is not as comfort as normal town car isn’t it ?
The type of vehicle, so called, SUV is Sport Utility vehicles which has grab both demand for town driving and off road.

It appears in December, 1997 by basing on the platform of Camry (the 6th generation Camry and XV20 system).
An engine is 3000 cc of 6-cylinder 1 MZ-FE type V models, or 5 S-FE type serial 4 cylinder 2200cc, and a drive system has two kinds, a front-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive.
Kruger of the sister vehicle appeared at the time of a minor change.
As for transmission, only 4  AT is.
By the minor change in 2000, an in-series 4-cylinder engine is changed into 2 AZ-FE type 2400cc from 2200 cc.
Moreover, a discharge head lamp is adopted in addition to a base grade (the special edition prime selection which carries discharge in a base grade behind is also put on the market).
Right-low emission gas authorization is received simultaneously.
A young gentleman with the head of a male lion is an image character.
A catch copy is “WILD butFORMAL.”
The new genre “luxury SUV of a passenger car base” is expressed.

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